About YachtBooker.com

What is YachtBooker?

YachtBooker is an international reservation system for Yacht Charters. It offers over 4000 motorboats and sailyachts for rental in more than 40 countries around the Globe. If you don’t want to hire a charter broker for you sailing vacation, you can book a boat by yourself. With YachtBooker the booking process is really easy and very secure

Why YachtBooker?

YachtBooker has the lowest prices for yacht charters in a various locations, from the Baltic Sea to Seychelles and from Thailand to the Caribbean. It also has special offers and discounts all year long. The default charter vacations last for a week, but with the online support you can personalize your sailing vacation however you like.

What does YachtBooker offer?

YachtSys® is a complete back-office solution for yachting businesses. This software enables charter companies to distribute their fleet worldwide and manage all the data about their boats, bookings, ratings, bills etc.

YachtFinder®. This is an online booking engine developed by YachtBooker for customers, agencies and partners. All yacht and service data is directly provided by the local charter operators, the guys that know their boats best. YachtFinder® offers all the details you need to know about the yacht charter that you are going to book. Moreover, for a better look at the boat you’re going to sail the seas with, YachtFinder provides you with up to 20 images in the quotation brochure.

YachtCheck® is another part of the YachtSys® which has been created on quality matters. This tool helps you decide which charter yacht is best for you based on previous customers’ experience. YachtCheck® is made up of you separate parts: first, there is the quality certification which represents the awarding of charter companies with stars from 1 to 5 following regular inspections and second there is the customers’ reviews. The second part offers a more subjective insight from real customers like you who are asked to offer ratings on different criteria and add comments.

So, if you want to book a yacht easy and secure and at the same time, to be sure that’s the best deal you could make, visit YachtBooker’s official page.



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